New Year, New RulesAre you ready for the 2021-2024 Racing Rules of Sailing?

Feeling bored in Lockdown and want to get ready for the 2021 Season, here’s something for you.  A summary of the rules is under the Sailing Docs TAB (above); who knew the 1st Rule of Sailing was “Don’t crash into another boat; even if you have right of way”?  I guess “mounting the Commodore’s transom” counts as a breach although in mitigation he had an awfully large Transom !

The Rules are available at :

A brief look at the changes only appears to affect Coops; no mention of Christmas Puds or Booze in the figures though.

Furthermore, a competitor’s clothing and equipment shall not weigh more than 8 kilograms, excluding a hiking or trapeze
harness and clothing (including footwear) worn only below the knee. Class rules or the notice of race may specify a lower weight
or a higher weight up to 10 kilograms. Class rules may include footwear and other clothing worn below the knee within that
weight. A hiking or trapeze harness shall have positive buoyancy and shall not weigh more than 6 kilograms 2 kilograms, except
that class rules may specify a higher weight up to 4 kilograms. Weights shall be determined as required by Appendix H.