2018 Results

SPRING (BEST 4 of 7)
Barry Milburn1111111144
Tim Eccles1111111043
Brian Oliver1099937
Michael Werbicki988732
Paul Maidment11119132
Andrew Pick101010030
Dave Hoole101010030
Andrew Smith1098027
Mark Lambdin888024
Pete Hodkinson90009
David Lawson80008
Topper K70007
Steve Baldie10001
Mark Lambdin1111111010101073
Brian Oliver11111111108870
Michael Werbicki1199999864
Shaun Gould1088776551
Pete Hodkinson109.39.3990046.6
Andrew Smith1010107.461044.4
Tim Eccles1111111100044
David Lawson999900036
Joseph Pearce101010000030
Dave Hoole109.59000028.5
Andrew Pick880000016
George Cashell770000014
David Eccles1100000011
Dominic Cassidy90000009
Ella Pick90000009
Rosie Pick80000008
AUTUMN (Best 7 from 12)
Tim Eccles1111111111111177
Paul Maidment111110109.78867.7
Michael Werbicki1099888860
Shaun Gould1098666651
Andrew Smith1077766548
Brian Oliver11109.5980047.5
Poppy Milner10109.3980046.3
Dave Milner10109.3980046.3
Mark Lambdin10109.7900038.7
Barry Milburn111111000033
George Cashell997700032
Pete Hodkinson998100027
Dave Hoole10100000020
Andrew Pick990000018
Joseph Pearce1170000018
Matt Lines660000012
Tom Holloway50000005
Pursuit (Best 5 from 9)
Mark Lambdin111110.5101052.5
Brian Oliver11101010950
Paul Maidment11111010850
Michael Werbicki9998742
Tim Eccles11111110043
Poppy Milner101098.5542.5
Dave Milner101098.5542.5
Andrew Smith8887738
Andrew Pick101087.3136.3
Thomas Pick10980027
Shaun Gould8664024
Simon Whitcroft111100022
David Lawson9661022
Ella Pick101000020
Joseph Pearce9700016
George Cashell8700015
Matt Lines8600014
Nick McGrogan7700014
Rosie Pick84.510013.5
Barry Milburn900009
Evie Lines600006
Dave Carter500005
Peter Sumsion500005
Personal Handicap Pursuit (Best 4 from 7)
Paul Maidment111110.3941.3
Mark Lambdin111110840
Tim Eccles111187.837.8
Brian Oliver1099937
Pete Hodkinson1087732
Michael Werbicki997530
Dave Hoole101010030
Shaun Gould777021
Andrew Pick1090019
Andrew Smith66501700
Joseph Pearce860014
Poppy Milner1100011
Dave Milner1100011
David Lawson1000010
Ella Pick1000010
Matt Lines44008
Emily Neate80008
Wendy Neate80008
George Cashell40004
Rooster 8.1 TrophyPtsRacesAve
Andrew Pick119.3148.5
Ella Pick3949.8
Laser TrophyPtsRacesAve
Brian Oliver241.5259.7
Andrew Smith174.4247.3
Shaun Gould147217
Pete Hodkinson114.6148.2
Dave Hoole108.5119.9
Joseph Pearce7898.7
David Lawson76107.6
George Cashell6597.2
Simon Whitcroft22211
Nick McGrogan1427
Dominic Cassidy919
Dave Carter515
Other Class TrophyPtsRacesAve
Tim Eccles244.82310.6
Mark Lambdin228.2239.9
Michael Werbicki228278.4
Paul Maidment191209.6
Poppy Milner99.8119.1
Dave Milner99.8119.1
Barry Milburn86810.8
Matt Lines3465.7
Thomas Pick2739
Rosie Pick21.545.4
David Eccles11111
Emily Neate818
Wendy Neate818
Topper K717
Evie Lines616
Peter Sumsion515
Tom Holloway515
Steve Baldie111
Spring SeriesBarry Milburn
Summer SeriesMark Lambdin
Autumn SeriesTim Eccles
Class Handicap Pursuit SeriesMark Lambdin
Personal Handicap Pursuit SeriesPaul Maidment
8.1 RoosterAndy Pick
Laser Trophy Brian Oliver
Bosun's Pipe (other Classes)Tim Eccles
Best JuniorJoseph Pearce
Best Lady HelmPoppy Milner
Best NewcomerShaun Gould
Lambdin LumpMark Lambdin
Founders Trophy Tim Eccles